All-in-One Live Streaming App

CameraFi Live

A professional but easy-to-use live streaming app to broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.
Stream your moments whenever you want!

Professional streaming is available just with your smartphone

While live-streaming, you can add various overlays such as images, texts, filters, videos, and audios. To set them up at once, use the preset feature. The time for preparing for broadcasts will be reduced!

Live-stream your gameplay

No additional software or hardware is required for game live streaming. Share your mobile gameplay in real-time with your smartphone front camera and microphone!

Create your
customized widgets

Within a few clicks, scoreboard and channel promotion effects will be on your live video instantly. Attract your fans by showing them the donation and subscription goal. Viewers would feel more connected and like to communicate with you!

Make adjustments to your broadcasts like a pro

Experience the technology of CameraFi Live such as zoom, focus, exposure, white balance, and ISO! With advanced settings, you can get a clear video even in a dark place or at night. You can modify the mood of a video as well.

Use your DSLR camera for live-streaming

You can connect a variety of devices such as DSLRs, drones, and wearable cameras. For example, stream high-quality videos with a DSLR. Or, shoot videos with your hands free by recording with a wearable camera or an action camera.